About Julia

I have been serving as a  clairvoyant psychic for over 20 years,and am very proud of guiding many clients in the Greater Toronto Area. I would be glad to aid you. My Gift has been passed down through Three generations. I have consulted with many Torontonians assisting them through sadness, heartache, pain, divorce, physical & mental abuse, marital problems, and confusion. The spirit guides will guide you, channeling through me. They will direct the way, to a path where you can live an abundant life. With my unearthly talent, I will assist you to realize your choices on your journey and offer you the ability to understand the reason  for your situation. My readings are both  in-depth and remarkably accurate,providing timelines and initiations. I will assist you to restore  your passion for life. 

I specialize in life's major problems which are, love, depression, careers, and health. I have reunited past lovers and can give you names, dates, and the answer to often posed questions: like "How does he really feel?"

My Intuitive gifts of extrasensory perception can open negative energy channels, and restore happiness, commitment and passion.

I restore prosperity and can offer protection against jealousy and enemies. 

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Psychic reader and Spiritual Healer, Julia Toronto
Psychic reader and Spiritual Healer, Julia Toronto